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Stones with cement







Masonry is sometimes that final touch final which can turn an attractive landscape into a beautiful setting. The key to successful masonry is the workmanship behind every brick, stone and paver. All Star takes pride in properly planning and preparing the surface and materials being set in place. All to ensure that the project not only looks beautiful on the day it is completed, but it does so in the years ahead. Our skilled artisans ensure your full satisfaction on every project.

Our Masonry Services Includes:

  • Brick or Stone Flat work including walkways, patios, and parking areas 

  • Brick, Stone, or Prefabricated Block Walls both free standing and retaining

  • Brick and Stone Staircases on buildings and in landscapes 

  • Brick and Stone Foundation reconstruction and restoration

  • Brick and Stone façade restoration, reconstruction, and waterproofing

  • Veneer brick and stone

Please contact All Star for a free estimate on all of your

masonry needs!

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